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He pushed the door open to see her tossing back and forth on the bed,
 softly moaning, "No-no, I'm not… No, I'm not a whore… No, I'm not a
 slut… No, no." I'm not sure I could forgive someone for calling me those
names, but when it comes to love, anything is possible.

Blaine Haskell did a number on Toni Weaver the very first day he met her.
 He accused her of sleeping with his brother and other men in his company
 in order to get the promotion. He never gave her a chance to explain what
truly happened in her relationship with his brother. Blaine believed his brother
 and his girlfriend and fired her on the spot.

Toni Weaver could not believe what was happening to her, she thought
she was going to have a great day and get the promotion she had been
 working very hard on getting. Only when she entered into her boss's office,
 she found Tim's brother there and accused her of being a slut, a whore
 among other things. Toni could not believe her ears but she defended herself
 and proved that he was wrong about her. She did not give him the satisfaction
 of firing her. She quit.

Blaine tried to apologize to Toni but she did not want to hear anything he had
 to say. Not only did he lose Toni but two other employees as well because of
 his actions. That was the day they both felt an attraction towards each other,
 but because of his actions, nothing could be done.

Toni was on her way to meet with Blaine but someone tried to run her over.
 Fortunately, someone saved her! That someone was Blaine. From that
moment, Blaine knew that he needed to be with her and protect her but
how could he do that if she hated him? Someone was trying to scare her
 off the case but she would not stop investigating until she found out who
stole the chip.

Blaine was also doing everything possible to get Toni to forgive him for all
the awful things he had said to her. Toni was beginning to have major feelings
for Blaine but how could she when he was the enemy? How could she be falling
in love for the man that accused her of being a slut, a whore? Also, who was
trying to kill her?

THE PROMOTION was a good story and the romantic plot was exciting. I enjoyed
 seeing Toni defend herself when Blaine was accusing her of sleeping around.
 Blaine seemed like a total ass but after reading deeper into the book, you'll look
 at him in a different way. He is romantic but at times he seems wimpy (in a good way).
 The connection between these two characters was good and the sex was sizzling hot.
The mystery of who stole the computer chip has you guessing who did it and why.
 When you think you know who it was, something else happens and you have to guess again.

THE PROMOTION was a short but great read. It would have been nice to have a
few more chapters to see what happened after the case was closed but it was still
very entertaining and satisfying. 

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The Promotion by Marie Ashley
Release Date: July 14, 2012
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Pages: 125
Source:  Publisher
Toni Weaver is fired and loses a major promotion when her boss, Blaine Haskell, 
believes lies told to him about Toni.
A year later, now working as a private investigator, Toni is asked to work on a case to help Blaine recover a computer chip that has been stolen from his company. The thief is not impressed that Toni has been hired to work on the case and Toni’s life is threatened. It doesn’t take Toni long to realize that this is not just a theft… it’s personal. Someone is targeting her specifically.
While Toni and Blaine race to find the chip and keep Toni from harm, painful memories surface for Toni but Blaine pushes a blooming romance.

Review: The Promotion by Marie Ashley is her first novel. After reading the summery,
I chose this book based on the combination of romance and suspense.
I think a little suspense always makes the romance a bit better.
Toni Weaver once worked for Western Computer Systems as a systems analyst.
 She expected a promotion but what she ended being fired because of lies spread
 by others. A year later she has picked herself up and moved on. Toni is now a private
investigator. She has been tasked with finding a lost chip that belongs to
Western Computer Systems. Toni is a very complex and strong women.
She is also a very realistic character. The things that Toni says as well as her
thoughts and feelings are very believable. She came across just like most women would.
Blaine Haskell is the CEO of Western Computer Systems. He is rush to judge Toni
as to why Toni no longer works for Western Computer Systems. Upon learning the
truth Blaine changes his opinion of Toni but it is too late, Toni is gone. Blaine is a
man that stands for what and who he believes in. He does not expect people to lie to
him especially the ones he cares about.
Blaine and Toni have a lot of chemistry together in and out of the bedroom.
The sex scenes were hot and steamy. I loved that the author did not get very
graphic with the sex scenes.
The story line was very believable. I enjoyed the mystery of who did the theft and why.
The author did a great job keeping you guessing. I also liked the ending and how the
author left room for another book wither a continuation of these characters or with
 the secondary characters in this story.
The one thing that I found not realistic was Toni’s nightmares over being called a slut.
I realize no women wants to be called a slut by your boss, but having nightmares
is a bit over the top. Overall, I loved this book. I loved the author’s writing style.
 I cannot wait to read more from her.



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